The Mad Scientist EINSTEIN

Nowadays In The Hip Hop/ Urban Music Universe, The Love For Authenticity Is Originated From The Streets. For Any Hip Hop Artist To Gain, Uphold, Or Maintain Any Type Of Success They Must Be Consistently Connected To The Streets. The Mad Scientist DJ EINSTEIN Started His DJ Career From Producing A Multitude Of Mixtapes. He Consistently Feeds The Streets With High Powered Street Music That Quickly Gained The Attention Of Executives In The Industry. EINSTEIN Gained Momentum And It Came As No Surprise That EINSTEIN Has Quickly Risen To Become One Of America's Premier Entertainment Personality's. His Ability To Energetically Captivate An Audience As An Artist, Radio Personality, TV Personality, Or DJ Has Lead Him To The Type Of Success That Has Eluded So Many In The Entertainment World. Best Known As A Radio Personality For WZFX Foxy 99 Via A Televised DJ Contest Entitled " The Next Big Thing." EINSTEIN Attributes Radio To His Success Because It Has Played A Monumental Role In His Career. However His Motivation And Determination Has Catapulted Him Into The Attention Realm Of Major Executives. His Passion For Independent Music And Love For Independent Artists Gives Him The Ability To Make An International Mark.

The Mad Scientist DJ EINSTEIN Has Only Been In The Big Leagues Of Entertainment Since Early 2008. He Jumped Into The Game After Observing What He Called "Artists Hustling Backwards!" EINSTEIN Strongly Knew That His Knowledge Of The Entertainment Industry Had The Power To Assist Aspiring Artist To Obtain The Exposure They Needed To Succeed. EINSTEIN Understood The Radio Industry And Understood Why Most Radio Stations Were Hesitant To Support Underground/Independent Talent. This Gave Him Inspiration And Forced Him To Grind Harder For The Streets. His Known Alias "The KonKrete Kolonel" Became Another Moniker Attached To Him Because Of His Sheer Dedication To High Powered Street Music. His First Mixtape Released As An Artist Was Entitled "Anger Management" Quickly Flew Off The Shelves Of Music Stores Across The Central North Carolina Region, Newark New Jersey, Atlanta Georgia, And A Variety Of Other Lesser Known Areas Within The United States. EINSTEIN Took A Small Break From Radio To Pursue An Artist Driven Life. Einstein Started To Realize That It Was His Mission To Assist And Promote Artists So That They Could Gain Global Exposure. EINSTEIN Quickly Released The " Street Heat" Series Followed By "Ventilation."! The Street Heat Series Not Only Gave His Listeners The Music They Desired From Major Artist, But Also Included Underground Artists Who Were On The Rise. EINSTEIN Is A Proud Businessman/Entertainer That Has His Name Ringing Bells All Over America. He Is Constantly Solicited By Both Major And Underground Record Labels For A Variety Of Projects.

The Mad Scientist DJ EINSTEIN Is A Multifaceted Man On A Mission And Is Motivated To Inspire A Generation Of Youth! As An Artist He Has Opened For Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Plies, OJ Da Juiceman Just To Name Some Known Celebrities But The Mad Scientist EINSTEIN Is Embraced By The Streets Because Of His Genuine Passion For Independent Music. He Eventually Loved Music So Much That He Decided To Purchase Some Turntables And Start Spinning. He Has Spun For A Multitude Of Local Clubs In Virginia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Atlanta And The Carolinas. As Of Now The Mad Scientist DJ Einstein Is Still On The Grind With A Special Emphaseis On Music, Business Ownership, Marketing, And Branding. EINSTEIN Participates In Music Inspired Ventures With A Goal To Become A Super Power Within The Entertainment Industry.


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